Konstantina Chatziathanasiou

My name is Chatziathanasiou Konstantina and I work at the EUROLINGUA Foreign Language Centre as an Executive Secretary. I have studied Tourism Management in Patras. Additionally, I have graduated from Panavision Media Grp School (Media and Broadcasting),I speak English and French fluently and I have an exceptional knowledge regarding the use of computers , both in Office environment and Customers Pricing and Management Accounting Programs ( ERP,ENTERSOFT BUSINESS SUITE, SYNOLO/OMIKRON, EPAFOS).

I have worked in secretarial and accounting departments in S.A and Ltd companies in Athens as a Customers’ Supervisor, as a Group Hostess of Incoming-Outgoing Tourism , as a Front-Desk Assistant in Hotels and now I belong to the staff of the Eurolingua Language Centre.. I have attended multiple seminars and workshops such as “ ONLINE MARKETING FUNDAMENTALS”, EDUCATIONAL COACHING”, “PROFESSIONAL SKILLS OF THE NEXT DECADE”, “FUTURE SCHOOLS AND OCCUPATIONS: ACADEMIC ADEQUACY IS DEFINED BY THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE NEW ERA”, “ HOW TO MANAGE TOXIC BEHAVIOURS IN THE WORKING FIELD”, “ SELF-BRANDING AS PROFESSIONALS”, “SELF –AWARENESS IN TEACHING” etc.

As a person ,I am hard-working, flexible, organizational and capable of working under pressure with multiple competences. I love nature, sports, reading and travelling. But above all, I love children and especially the way they can teach adults how to become better human beings.