Teaching Spanish for all levels of exams or just communication courses for those who wish to Travel and experience the Latin American and Spanish culture and the true beauty of the language.


The student learns the structure of the language, develops vocabulary skills and is able to communicate and participate in discussions.


The learners are instructed in an in-depth analysis of the most complex grammatical phenomena, as well as a more complex vocabulary that complements them fully in everyday life.


Superior deals even further with the Spanish literature and culture and offers the student a level of mother tongue-like language skills.

Our students can choose one or more of the following exams:

CERF Certificates Examination Organaizers Preparation Time
Α1-Α2 DELE Cervantes Institute 1 year
Β1 DELE INICIAL Cervantes Institute 2 years
Κ.P.G. Β1 Greek Ministry of Education
B2 DELE INTERMEDIO Cervantes Institute 3 years
K.P.G. Β2 Greek Ministry of Education
C1 DELE AVANZADO Cervantes Institute 4 years
K.P.G. C1 Greek Ministry of Education
C2 DELE SUPERIOR Cervantes Institute 5 years
K.P.G. C2 Greek Ministry of Education