Why learn Italian?

  • Italian is not spoken only in Italy. It is one of the three official languages in Switzerland, together with German and French, and also it is spoken in Malta, San Marino, the Vatican City and several districts in Croatia and Slovenia.
  • When one takes into account the numerous immigrant communities in Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Germany, US, Australia and elsewhere, then the total figure of Italian-speaking individuals exceeds 200 million.
  • It is the modern language spoken in the area where one of the greatest civilizations of antiquity once thrived, the Roman. The Roman civilization was highly influenced by the classical greek and emulated it in many ways.
  • The Latin language interacted with the ancient Greek throughout the course of time. Latin is the mother language for many modern european languages including French, Spanish, Portugese and Romanian.
  • 2/3 of italian universities admit students for undergraduate and postgraduate studies without entrance examinations.
  • Italian is the language of the 8th most developed country in the world, a leading power in tourism, arts, fashion design and agriculture.
  • Italy is the second greatest trading partner of Greece, since 11,2% of greek exports (2nd highest) is destined to this country.
  • The biggest museum in the world is in Italy; it is the city of Rome. The city with one of the most remarkable histories and contributions to world science, culture and arts.


Classe A1 & A2 3 hours/week (*40 weeks) Total 120 teaching hours
Classe B1 4 hours/week (*40 weeks) Total 160 teaching hours
Classe B2 4 hours/week (*40 weeks) Total 160 teaching hours
Classe C1 5 hours/week (*40 weeks) Total 200 teaching hours
Classe C2 5 hours/week (*40 weeks) Total 200 teaching hours