Why Learn Spanish?

  • Spanish is spoken officially in more than 21 countries. It is used by more than 450 million worldwide, while it is the mother language of more than 330 million. So, it is the 2nd language in native speakers.
  • It is the 2nd official language in the US, together with English, since there are more than 45 million Hispanics in the country.
  • It has become one of the languages most frequently used in international scholarship, trading and foreign affairs.
  • Besides being the 2nd language of communication worldwide, it is also the 3rd most frequently used language on the internet.
  • In the past years, there has been a remarkable increase in Greece of trading, educational and cultural cooperations with Spanish-speaking countries. The Cervantes Institute and the numerous embassies of Spanish-speaking countries in Greece have been working closely together with greek cultural organisations to arrange and promote various events.
  • When compared to other european languages, Spanish is one of the easiest languages to take up, due to the fact that its pronunciation and syntax is close to Greek. According to the Cervantes Institute, 2.200 students register to Spanish language courses every year, whereas nearly 7.000 candidates take part in exams at all levels.
  • Spain is the most popular choice in the ERASMUS program of students exchange.


Nivel A1 & A2 3 hours/week (*40 weeks) Total 120 teaching hours
Nivel B1 4 hours/week (*40 weeks) Total 160 teaching hours
Nivel B2 4 hours/week (*40 weeks) Total 160 teaching hours
Nivel C1 5 hours/week (*40 weeks) Total 200 teaching hours
Nivel C2 5 hours/week (*40 weeks) Total 200 teaching hours