In EUROLINGUA language centre we always take into consideration the difficult economic recession that has seriously affected Greece and with respect and sense of responsibility to all our students we have been offering for four consecutive years access to the following deals:

  • Additional private classes for those students who really need it
  • Educational support for studies abroad (guidance and advice)
  • Grant to the most excellent student per class (final grade: 95-100%)
  • Participation in the local social school (Κοινωνικό Φροντιστήριο) which includes one grant for free-of-charge studies in our language school (terms and conditions apply)
  • Free school equipment for the school year
  • Free e-books to practise at home
  • Collection of foreign books and magazines available for free

Family Packet Discount:

  • 10% off for siblings( for the older one)
  • 15% off in 2nd foreign language
  • 10% off for total payment at the beginning of the school year
  • 10% off for university students
  • 10% off for OAED card holders
  • 10% off for police % army officers
  • 10% off for families having many children