n May 2017, QLS and the school-members, including Eurolingua Language Centre, have been honoured with the Gold Award of Education Business Awards for Innovation in Teaching of the QLS Foreign Language Centres with the Differentiated Teaching it applies based on the Learning Profiles of its students, which are determined by the scientifically validated QLP test (QLS Learning Profile).

Always keeping abreast of the demands of the times, we prepare children for a very different world. Faced with the intense pace of everyday life, our students need to become aware of their personality traits as well as the way in which they can learn more easily, taking maximum advantage of their innate characteristics.

The QLP Test is a diagnostic psychometric test designed to show a person’s individual learning profile. It explores the alternative types of intelligence* which each learner possesses, and depending on which types are most developed it recommends ways of learning, as well as personalized tuition. The learners become aware of their individual learning types and the ways in which they acquire and process cognitive information, “learning to learn,” easily and efficiently.

Types of intelligence
Visual, Acoustic, Verbal-Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical, Kinaesthetic, Naturalist, Interpersonal , Intrapersonal.

For this purpose, at the beginning of the school year, the Eurolingua Language Centre teaching staff ,conducts the QLP test on –line (only by appointment) in collaboration with Ariston Computer Academy and the University of Nicosia. It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete the test. The learner answers a series of questions which appear on the screen and receives within a few days the official 18-page report-evaluation analyzing their learning profile , followed by an advisory briefing to the parents.

Our primary concern has always been to offer our learners the potential to gain the greatest benefits from the educational process, using their innate characteristics in the best possible way.

The cost of the test including the advisory briefing and the analysis of the results amounts to 30 euros for our students and 50 euros for those who do not receive our education services .

Our teachers have been trained to adapt their teaching by compiling the Learning Styles Profile of each class. Knowing their learners’ learning profile enables the teachers to utilize their learners’ potential to help them learn more effectively.

The Eurolingua Language Centre, is the only member in the prefecture of Korinth of the QLS-Quality in Language Services, the most qualitative Foreign Language Organization in Greece, member of EAQUALS, the European Association For Language Learning Quality.

QLS is a non-profit network of quality Foreign Language Centers which aim at developing a modern educational environment for their students. QLS is drawn by the dynamic co-operation of highly successful schools throughout Greece which share the vision of creating learning environments of a European standard, where learners have the benefit of using ground-breaking methodology and cutting-edge technology.

In order to book your appointment for the QLP-test / ARISTON MI you can contact us at 27410 24672 or 6942 443622

Do not forget! We are all capable of learning and excelling at anything if we are shown how to learn.