The Eurolingua Language Centre was created by Mrs Christina Fragkoulopoulou, thus realising her vision to contribute essentially to the area of learning foreign languages and putting into good use her academic education as well as her professional experience in this particular area.

Our primary and non-negotiable objective is to adopt the highest and most effective criteria in education so as to meet the educational needs of our students, regardless their age or their occupation.

Integrity, academic excellence and innovative teaching methods are the three keys to realise our educational vision.

Since its opening, our language centre has been oriented towards an individualised and student-centred educational process.

Teaching is a way of life for us that embraces certain values and a wider understanding of the student and the society. It includes principles and behaviours that answer to the question:

-Who do I teach and what for?

When it comes to students with learning difficulties, we treat them discreetly, we apply appropriate methods and encourage them to achieve their own objectives.

Our ambition is to create independent yet responsible students, that hold an active role in the educational process thus developing their critical thinking, as opposed to passive learners who are trapped into endless hours of studying passivity.

Our basic objectives are three:

  • That our students learn how to use the foreign language as a living tool
  • That our students are brought in touch with the customs and the culture of each country
  • That our students succeed in accreditation exams in foreign languages organised by internationally recognised universities

We always reward effort, consistency and diligence, but we discourage inconsistency and indifference.