A group of children and teenagers meet up at our center every two-weeks to discuss books they have read themselves both in a foreign language and in Greek and want to suggest or just discuss together.

Also, the teacher reads out loud books to the younger children, often accompanied by audiovisual material and have a little talk with or do some post-reading activities at the end.

In our library there are plenty of titles that students can choose from enjoying the benefits of reading.

A Bazzar also takes place in our school where children bring along books that do not need or use anymore and exchange them with other books from classmates.


  • Participation in the Reading Club is an extremely simple way to cultivate our creative relationship with reading, and provide more opportunities for spiritual practice.
  • Active reading and the comments that follow balances the cognitive losses that lurk due to prolonged use of computers, consoles or mobile phones.
  • The exchange of views on a book opens WINDOWS tothe richness of our language or the foreign language taught.
  • Volunteering and Lifelong Learning are promoted.
  • The working memory of our students is improved and their vocabulary is enriched.
  • By reading or telling exciting stories imagination is stimulated their curiosity and critical thinking is developed.